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  January 2014-Issue I

Words of Inspiration

God's delays are not God's denials


God’s delays are not God’s denial is said as I close one of my daily morning prayers. Sometimes just when you think all has been said and done, God shows up and shows out!

I went into the interview confident and sure of myself, especially since I had done the job before, I was a shoe-in for the position. I wowed them during the group interview as I tagged team with one of my former coworkers,  who was applying for a position as well. I wowed them by giving a copy of my portfolio to each of the interview panel members. I had done so well that I was called for a second interview. I’m in there, I thought to myself as I left the interview prepared to send out my second Thank You letter. I knew it would be a couple of weeks before I would get the call saying that I had gotten the job.

At least a week or two had passed when my former coworker called me and said that she had gotten one of the positions that were available. I knew then that I would be receiving the same call within the next few minutes. A few minutes passed, a few hours passed, I had not gotten the position. Why, I thought to myself, I was a former employee, I answered the questions well, wowed them with my portfolio, got a second interview, and sent my thank you letters. There was no need to keep questioning myself; it wasn’t what God wanted for me.

Fast Forward Five Months

My routine pretty much stays the same, every morning and throughout the day I check my emails via my cellular device. 😊Low and behold there was an email from the Administrator who had interviewed me five months ago. I had to do a double take to make sure that I wasn’t looking at the email that I had received from her about the initial interview. She had sent an email asking me if I was still interested in the position. Of course I was, I replied immediately and waited for the next email that would tell me when the interview would be.

The day of the interview, I arrived early. When I was greeted by the Administrator, she informed me that they were running behind and would be with me shortly. This wasn’t good I thought to myself, I was parked at a meter, and I had an appointment immediately following the interview. It was at least 30 minutes before they were ready for me.

I felt that I had done fairly well answering the questions but not nearly as well as I had done during the interview back in November, several times I did not breakdown acronyms,  which is something I always do during an interview. They seemed impressed with my answers, despite what I was thinking. I normally have my portfolio ready for each panel member, but not today I had already interviewed, there was no need. To my surprise, the panel had a new member and I did not have my portfolio to give. I did, however have copies of my last performance evaluation to give. I had prepared the questions that I would ask ahead of time, and they all focused on the position being grant funded. As I asked my first question I was told that position was not grant funded. This was a bitter/sweet moment. Sweet because this meant that the job was a permanent one and that it would not end when the grant ended, bitter because I was now down to about two questions,  I normally am prepared with at least 7-10. I winged it though.

As I walked back to my car I glanced at my hair which was a little windblown, oh no I sat in the interview with my hair looking a mess! I got over it by convincing myself that it got a little messy walking back to my car. As I looked again at my outfit, I didn’t think that I looked as dapper as I had thought.

Not hopeful, I felt that I this would be the second denial of the job!

I initially didn’t know what I would write for Words of Inspiration for May, but I thought my story of God’s delays not being His denials would be an inspiration to someone. I also felt that if there are multiple readers, everyone will get something different from my story/testimony:

  • God’s delays are not God’s denials
  • Have faith and never give up
  • God works behind the scenes
  • Things happen in God’s time


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