EveryDay People 365           


  January 2014-Issue I

If you have taken the time to read EDP365,

Without you the reader, our efforts would be in vain.

The idea behind the magazine is to focus on everyday people.  It is easy to pick up a magazine and read about celebrities. There are many magazines available if you would like to catch up on their lives but what about the joys and the daily struggles of everyday people, living paycheck to paycheck, children, relationships and work to name a few.   I have reviewed other magazines and have loved the fashions and the articles but there are somethings that I can not relate to or they are beyond my means of living.  Honestly, who spends $700-$1500 on shoes, $900 on pants, $1200 on a blouse, the stars of course but no one that I know. Wouldn't you like to know how other people cope with the same problems that you have and to read an article and be able to say, "Wow, I can really relate to that!


What will make this magazine so different is that it is for you and about you!  We will post articles about issues and topics that the everyday person can relate to because we are EveryDay People 365.  


Take a look around and please give us your feedback @ edpemag@gmail.com.


EDP365 established January 2014