EveryDay People 365           


  January 2014-Issue I


             I'M  EXPECTING   


No, not a baby.  I'm expecting great things for my new business.  I would love for you to attend my BUSINESS SHOWER.   A Business Shower is very similar to a baby shower or bridal shower except we're celebrating the expectancy of a business instead of a baby or marriage.  All entrepreneurs and business owners, this will be your opportunity to network with new people and to promote what you do!  DON'T MISS IT!!!!!!! Promote, Promote, Promote


                              VISIONZ LOUNGE

                           3302 Williamsburg Rd

                            Richmond, VA 23231 


                              October 20, 2018 


                    For more information: 804-424-0337

*Entrance to the event is free, however I do ask that you bring a gift to support the business.  I would love gift cards from the following:


                               VITAMIN SHOPPE

                                  VISTA PRINT

                       Register today on EVENTBRITE!