EveryDay People 365 

  January 2014-Issue I


             Lez's Business Shower

What date can I schedule your Business Shower?

A Business Shower is similar to a Baby or Bridal Shower, but instead of purchasing gifts for the expected baby or a new union, you're supporting the launch of, or the existence of a business.

Here's an ideas- Decide on a date that you'd like to host your Business Shower.  This is a great opportunity to BUILD NEW BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS and have others to support YOUR BUSINESS.

I can assist you in organizing your shower for $50 which includes:

  • Scheduled posts to promote your event form inception to the day of the event in my FaceBook Groups, and on my Instagram pages
  • Appearance on my Tell Us About it Tuesday segment
  • A guest appearance on EDP365 Live to promote your Business and your Business Shower
  • Organizing the day of your event

Give me a call for a consultation at 804-424-0337 or email me at: