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  January 2014-Issue I

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Team EDP365--- WE DID IT! This year we celebrate 1 Year of being on Internet Radio.  We'd like to thank the listeners for listening weekly and supporting us in what we do. We look forward to giving you another year of great topics and candid conversations.  We're Everyday People - Real Conversations! 

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October  2017 FaceBook Live Shows


1018/17----ADULT CONTENT---- EDP365

Going through your significant other's phone. 


10/25/17----ADULT CONTENT! 🎙EDP365- 

Why am I still Single?


EDP365 2017 Memories 

EDP365 School Drive

Live with Mic and Nikki

EDP365 2016 Memories 

             Lez                                   Ms. Mel                                  Chris Styles                  

Todd a.k.a. Big Moo

   Sandy B.

January 2017

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