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  January 2014-Issue I

 How Do You Tell Your Significiant Other How You Like It?

Though communication is an intricate part of your everyday life, it is just as important during intimate encounters. It could make the difference between just a good night and an amazing night. There are so many ways to express yourself sexually, eye contact, touch, facial expressions, and of course verbally. Do you enjoy when he or she nibbles or is it too much? Do you like to be licked rather than being sucked? Sexual communication is an important factor in keeping the sex life alive and vibrant.  


Body language is so vital during love making. How comfortable are you with non-verbal communication? Unspoken words can be a seductive way of letting your partner know that you are about to commence upon an orgasmic experience. From the biting of your bottom lip, to pulling he or she closer during that explosive moment. Be your lover’s guide. Show them the right buttons to push to help you to your sexual peak. Take his or her hands and put them where you want them. Do not be afraid of exploration of your partner’s body. Motion the hands or fingers in the way that turns you on. Help them to learn your body.


Vocal expression is not for everyone, but one may want to put the shyness aside. Be open to things that you would not normally do. Does a little dirty talk turn your partner on? Do not be afraid to give it a try. There are the loud lovers and those who do not say a word. Spoken words and tone of voice can be a turn on. There is nothing wrong with signifying what you like at the moment of contact. Unless your partner is a mind reader, your guideline will be a great asset to your hot buttons. Moans and soft whispers can intensify the moment and make for a memorable experience. You may even surprise yourself of the things that you may say and the tone that you use that you would never have imagined coming out of your mouth.


However you choose to go about your communication, be real and unique with it. Make your experience unforgettable. This is a great opportunity to open up and express yourself.



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