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  January 2014-Issue I

As I have gotten older so many different things consume my life--- Work, Kids, Bills you know the normal grown up stuff.  When I'm not consumed with those things, I'm sleeping.  I made up my mind that Enough was Enough!!! In August of last year I made the decision to start doing more things. Sitting at home drinking a glass of wine would not be the extent of my entertainment. I called up a friend and suggested that we have a Girls Night Out at least once per month.

I am happy to say that thus far I am following through with my plan! I’ve even been able to get in a few bonus outings. To date these are the places that I’ve been:

*Mona’s Cigar Lounge    *The Funny Bone      *Black EaglesDay Party     *Bartending 101        *StudioX (Pole and Exotic Dancing)     

               *Jazzy Words (Poetry Reading)         *Spirited Art (Paint Night)          *Kirstie's Candy Bar-Birthday Party            *Game Night               *Sedona Tap House          *James River Winery          *Hondos            *The Escape Room          *The Crazy Greek


GNO- 5/2018 Ashton Creek Winery 

GNO -2/2018--- Kuba Kuba Dos, Kroger, and Kripsy Kremes for dessert!!!! 
We know how to hang out on a Friday 

Hanging Out Partying with Tara






Lunch at the Crazy Greek

Surprise Birthday Party for Sonya Allen 

4/29/17- 150 North 

GNO------- 3/26/17


GNO- Brunch at Southbound -2/17


GNO Christmas at The Wine Loft

The Escape Room- 

Lez's 45th Birthday Brunch

Wine Tasting

A Night at Kirstie's

Readers if you’re at home watching TV or really not doing much most of the time, GET OFF OF THE COUCH and 

start incorporating  some fun activities in your life with family and/or friends.  I did and I'm LOVING IT!!!!!!

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