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  January 2014-Issue I

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Grapefruit Gratification


What is the strangest thing that you have done sexually to someone else or the strangest thing that you have allowed someone to do to you?  Depending on your level of exploration this answer may be strange to some and mundane to others. 

What sparked this question was a video that I saw on FaceBook.  As I did my daily scroll, the title of the post caught my attention, Meet the Woman Who Teaches Blowjobs with a Grapefruit.  Who knew, a class on BLOWJOBS!! I hesitated briefly before viewing and then said to myself, what the heck go ahead and view it, you never know what you’ll learn.  

The class was filled with a diverse group of those who chose to give oral pleasure- Black, White, old (I’d freak out if I saw my Mom in such a class), young and there was even a male student watching in awe and somewhat perplexed. Would he be performing later or receiving as he instructed his partner, whoever he or she may be?

Aunt Angel, the instructor, demonstrated five different techniques:

  • Putting a condom on with your mouth
  • The Honey Nut Swirl- She, of course, swirled honey around a penis (dildo) and demonstrated how to lick it off giving the most pleasure
  • An explosion of whip cream
  • Jacking your man off with a cucumber
  • And finally giving oral pleasure with a grapefruit

I guess I’m not as adventurous as I thought, as I have only tried one of the five and which one this is, I will keep to myself.   I am not sure how eager I am to explore the remaining four especially if that means adding the sound effects.

I am sure that someone reading this month’s GFB article would love to see these techniques demonstrated.  Not to fear, I have included the link for the video for you to view, learn, and try if you are daring enough.

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