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  January 2014-Issue I

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Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

When you hear Ready to Rumble, do you automatically think of the line from Red Man’s Time for Some Aksion, or the start of a PayPer View fight?  Normally I would have as well, but Kanya Ford, Sex Expert to the EDP365 FaceBook Live show introduced something new to our audience. 


The something new that was introduced was an adult toy designed for self-pleasure. Self-pleasure for who, you ask? Self-pleasure for men. This great invention can be used solo or with a partner. So ladies on the nights/days that you’re not in the mood, and all you want to do is give your man a little head, this is ideal. 


Are you ready to see what your new best friend looks like? Introducing Ready to Rumble:


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The sleeve, after lubricating goes over your man’s penis.  The gold wand like tool that you see is a vibrator that goes into a separate hole.  There are five speeds, and what makes it great is that when you increase the speed, not only does it go faster or slower but the pulsation changes as well!!!

You can incorporate three things at once with this amazing toy:

  1. Hand Job
  2. Vibration
  3. Oral Sex

In addition to using your hand to stroke his penis, using the vibrator to provide a variety of motion, you can perform oral sex as well. What man would not enjoy that?  

I was able to use this nifty little toy with my partner, and he experienced Sexual Bliss. 

His comments:

  1. Magic
  2. Indescribable
  3. It was like getting sex and head at the same time
  4. I could have easily cum, but I didn’t want to stop because it felt so good, and I don’t do microwave dinners
  5. Great Experience
  6. The sound was great- Sounded like I was getting head
  7. Loved the combo: Stroking, Head, Vibration
  8. The inside felt like being in a vagina

When I tried it for the first time, I blindfolded him and put him in position.  He never knew what was coming.  I would highly recommend the Ready to Rumble to all those willing to try something new.

                                 This month we DARE you to ENHANCE what you're doing in the BEDROOM!

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Photo- Bedroom Kandi


Kanya Ford



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