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What Makes Sex Good?

Nov 21, 2016 | Blog- Alison Barber 

Tonight, I was going to review the Fun Factory Layaspot, but one of my AAA batteries rolled beneath my bed. I decided to try NS Novelties’ Luxe Princess, but it wasn’t charged. I found another appealing toy in my queue, but it was boxless and I was too anxious to identify it. Instead, I retrieved my Lelo Siri, my Godemiche plug, and good ol’ Tantus Alan and embarked upon a familiar adventure.

While masturbating with three of my closest silicone friends isn’t exactly the definition of good sex, it got me thinking about what exactly is.

So, in lieu of a toy review, here are some things, in no particular order, that I think make sex good:

Looking. Your partner’s face, hovering above or below yours. Its expressions and tensions and smooth planes of relief. The spot where your partner’s body melts into yours. What that looks like. Your own body. What that looks like.

Not Looking. Not knowing where your partner is or will be. The absence of touch becomes erotic when paired with anticipation.

Breath. Quick, in the beginning, and then deliberately slowing it down. Relaxed breathing encourages orgasm. Breathing into each other, onto each other, is erotic.

Your Partner. Celebrating the reasons you chose your partner, whatever they may be. Allowing these attributes to amplify. Everyone offers something different, and unique connections create incomparable experiences.

The Physical. Our bodies are capable of astounding pleasure. Our skin is sensitive and expectant. Our organs are ready and responsive. Touch and release are everything.

The Emotional. Sex connects us. Sometimes we connect in passion and sometimes in love. Sex allows a special kind of closeness. Intimacy is everything.

The Beginning. The almosts, the not quites, and the finallys. The closeness before completion.

The Middle. A different kind of urgency. Heat building, rhythm obtained.

The End. Climax, obviously. Everything you’ve wanted and worked for culminating into waves of release. And afterwards, finding fulfillment and rest, either in the arms of someone you care for or within yourself.

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