EveryDay People 365 

  January 2014-Issue I

Give Him a Reason to Come Home!

In 2019 there are countless things that could tempt your man and make him stray or keep him from coming home.  There are also things are in the household that make him not want to come home.  Guess what ladies, sometimes YOU’RE the reason!  Don’t roll your eyes or turn your lip up, you know I’m telling the truth.  Know this ladies, it’s not always another woman.

When he comes home are you nagging and/or tearing him before he can get out of his work clothes?  Do you greet him at the door with a kiss and a welcome home, or does he walk in to find you on the phone talking to your friends, on FaceBook or Instagram, and watches you throw your hand in the air, slight waving to acknowledge that you know he’s home.

Let’s talk about what you’re wearing to bed.  Every night does not have to be a scarf or bonnet night.  You want him to pay to get your hair done, but he only gets to see it as you’re leaving to go to work or to a Girls Night Out evening.  Sweats are comfortable yes, I’ve thrown them on myself, but save that for a quick trip to the grocery store or walking the track. 


Just because you’ve in a relationship for years doesn’t mean that everything has to be routine or lackluster.  Get out of your comfort zone and start thinking outside of the box.

Trying to find ways to be creative should not be challenging.  I’m sure you know what your man likes and what he enjoys.  If you don’t here’s your starting point, find out what he enjoys. 

Here’s a few suggestion:

    1. Prepare his favorite dinner, serve him, yes serve him in something sexy or in an apron with nothing underneath,
    2. Be an exotic stripper for the night.  PLEASE DON’T SAY, I CAN’T DANCE.  Google or look on You Tube to find something simple and sexy, but will be a major turn on for him.  Click on the links to view a couple:
    3. Purchase something seductive from Victoria’s Secret to dance in or which store works best for you.  Put on a pair of cute heels, you can get these right out of your closet. 
    4. Be his personal masseuse.  Whichever room you set this up in, light a few scented candles and be creative. Again Google or You Tube.
    5. Take him out on a date. Prepare early, and what I mean by this is call or text him while’s he’s at work.  Tell him not to make any plans you have made plans for the two of, tell him nothing else.  If it’s in your budget, buy him you’d like to see him wearing. Have it laid out on the bed when he gets home, purchase a bottle of cologne, underwear- you know what your man likes. Take him out to dinner, you pay the bill.  During dinner engage in POSITIVE CONVERSATION ONLY-nothing negative. Put something sexy when you guys arrive home.
    6. Visit your local adult toy store, and purchase a few items, put them in a gift bag or gift-wrapped box, and have it waiting for him when gets home.

I’ve started you off with a few ideas.  The choices of what you can do are endless.  You just have to be willing to be creative and do a little research.

Be the reason he’s EXCITED to come home, not the because of the game and definitely not sleep. 

This month I dare you to be innovative and try something new.




Image- Google johnlund.com