EveryDay People 365 

  January 2014-Issue I


                               Enhance The Moment  



     Sex without additives can be as boring as playing a game of solitaire by yourself.  Adding extra effort to your sessions can make a big difference in a pleasurable encounter. So how can you spruce up sex to make it a more erotic and memorable experience? Creativity and mult-tasking will make it a hot experience for you and your partner.


     For her: So you’re getting ready to go down on your man.  Don’t just make that move by starting off like you haven’t had a Popsicle since you were a kid. Make it a sensual journey. Your mouth is only part of your sexual weapon in this aspect. Don’t forget to put those hands to use. You can create so much magic when using your fingers, lips, and tongue in unison. Kiss his stomach, while softly rubbing his thighs. If you have good visual, meaning if it’s not dark, gently rub his inner thighs and watch his testicles rise with every brush of your fingertips. Position your lips to form a gentle pressure as you blow a cool breeze with every rise. Wet your lips and slowly move them across his testicles softly humming your favorite song. A human vibrator. Now that’s original. By this time, he will be more than anxious for you to take him into your mouth. Keep it very lubricated, and don’t forget to continue to give those testicles attention.  Remember that  multitasking keeps it interesting.


     For him: So you’re getting ready to go down on your woman. Even that can get mundane and boring if you don’t add a little something extra to take her to that point of true ecstasy.  The same applies to men as to does women.  Make it an interesting journey to her vagina. Softly kiss her breast and pay those nipples extra attention while slowly running your fingers down her body to her vagina. Now that she has had that initial touch, the first contact with your mouth will be sure to get that sensual reaction of ecstasy. Some women love the feeling of penetration during oral sex. Use of the fingers, a dildo, or even a bullet to enhance your tongue action around her clit will help to achieve an awesome orgasmic experience.


     Adding a little something extra to any sexual experience will make it more fun and definitely memorable. Don’t forget to multi-task and be original. Dare to be different.


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