EveryDay People 365 

  January 2014-Issue I



Will this meeting ever be over, I thought to myself. I was bored out of my mind until he sat beside me.  Robert and I had been flirting with each other for months.  He was no Idris Elba, but he was SEXY!  After the meeting, he finally had the nerve to ask me for my telephone number. 

We talked Thursday, had dinner Friday, and on Saturday we planned a night of drinks and Netflix at his place.  The drinks kicked in almost immediately, the touching and exploring started! We didn’t make it passed the opening credits of whatever movie he had chosen.  One thing led to another, and before I knew it, I was on his lap with my hands down his pants!  I searched frantically for his manhood but could only find his boy parts.  If his penis were any smaller, I’d have to use binoculars to find it!

What do you do when you discover that your partner’s penis is too small or too big, your partner’s vagina, butt, or breast are too big or too small?  This brings me to the question, Does Size Matter?

I personally feel that size doesn’t matter if you don’t know what to do with what you have. I have been faced with both.  When I have encountered a large penis, I’ll admit I was a little intimated but you learn to just ride it out (pun intended). Nothing to brag about performance wise, but he was packing!  Having to engage with a man who has a small penis is challenging because it can almost feel as though he’s not there and you have to work harder to have an orgasm.

In dealing with both if he has no idea what to do with it big or small, it can be awkward and unfulfilling.  Now a man who knows how to lay the pipe 😊 large or small is a keeper. 

I can recall a relationship when my soon to be Boo would brag about what he could do. Normally braggers are usually garbage!  Not only was he a bragger but his penis wasn’t the largest that I had ever seen.  On the first night out, I found that there is an exception to every rule.  Not only did he win the braggers rights, but he was also more than skilled in working with his average sized penis!  Can you say amazing sex!!!!!!

What is important for one is not always important to another.  My team and I addressed this question twice on our EDP365 show. Opinions varied, some focusing on size while others focused on performance and delivery.  Size does not matter if you do not know how to work with what you have! IJS 😊


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