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  January 2014-Issue I

The Male Perspective 

  Why Are Men Greedy?

Men are greedy because we are trained to be at such a young age.  As kids, we compete to the point that there are winners and losers.  Nobody got participation prizes.  If you weren't as big as me, fast as me, smart as me, handsome as me, then I guess you lost the genetic lottery.  All we are programmed to do is win and compete until we get distracted as older men.  We learn that money, power, and status can help us acquire the things that we crave and desire.  That desire is of  glittery things, expensive things, and pretty humans by our side but mostly in our beds or at least the Red Roof's bed. 

Men are obsessed with the culture of more.  All we want is more.  Our thirst is unquenchable as we thrive and strive to become more of an earner in a capitalistic society to keep up with the Jones', Morris', and Jackson's.

Because we satiate the desires of the flesh, animalistically, we feed, feed and feed off of greed, greed, greed.  Proverbs 27:20 reads, Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are human eyes. 

Many of us collect women and sexual conquests as trophies.  Acknowledge what is real and in front of you.  If she can't cook, Groupon a cooking class, and go together with her to build and maintain your relationship.  If the head is whack, there are YouTube videos and classes out there for her to learn.


Pictured above Chris Lewis aka Pac North 

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