EveryDay People 365           


  January 2014-Issue I

The Male Perspective 

If  You  Don't  Someone  Else  WILL !!!

The Male Perspective 

                                                        The Female Perspective 

If a man doesn't get it at home, he'll get it elsewhere. Why is that a practice? Most people wish to give respect and get respect. Once a relationship begins and the boundaries are set, what are the forces that are set in motion to cause a man to overstep those boundaries?

Maybe it's situational awareness and not feeling loved in a manner in which his psyche feels loved enough to remain within the confines of those boundaries?  Has he been desensitized to hard boundaries or finds himself being lead into temptation regularly? 

On this earth, there exists a constant fight between good and evil, right and wrong, YOLO and planning for the future. We exist in all of these planes as spiritual beings having a physical experience. Innocuous talk bares forth energy to the subconscious and the universe brings it into existence. As such spiritual beings, we need to keep in mind that someone's else's feelings and emotions are also in play as you seek earthly pleasures beyond what you feel you are not getting at home. 

Always recall, that somehow you decided to do and not do preset conditions. If you have a partner at home,  you should have ensured beforehand she was woman enough for you. Her saying no to your request may simply mean that her experiences have not all been with you. She may have tried it and found no joy in it and is now denying you. 

If your wishes are not being met, you have a decision to make if you have committed to someone. End your current situation,  find what you seek elsewhere and stabilize before involving another soul. Why add to someone's suffering on top of us having trump ( not capitalized purposefully) as president? 

R. McCullough Jr.

If you don’t someone else will. I hate to hear that! Do what you must! If you don’t someone else will; hell sometimes even when you do, they still seek someone else to it, whatever IT maybe.

If you’re partner or significant other is not doing the thing or things that you’d like them to do, are you taking the time to find out WHY they’re not, before you seek someone to give you whatever you feel you’re missing?

Is your partner dealing with issues preoccupying them? Are there issues or obstacles in the relationship? Have there been changes within the relationship? Here’s one to ponder on, are YOU being an ASS?!?

What happened to communication? Let this be the starting point. 

If communication has been exhausted or is not an option why not just leave the relationship? It’s not that easy you’re saying, as you continue to read. I get it, I understand. If you’re married or have invested a lot in the relationship walking away is not going to be that simple, that easy. Well, guess what? Bringing in someone new for a temporary fix is not that easy either. This can open the door for a whole new heap of problems. Are you ready for that?

When you’ve communicated and nothing has changed then what? To a certain extent I understand the need or desire to seek satisfaction (whatever form that is), from someone outside the relationship, especially if you have told your significant other you’re concerns repeatedly and nothing changes. Just don’t get yourself involved in a tennis match. You’ll get that later.

Answer this question: How well would you be able to handle your partner, mate, or significant other getting from someone else what they feel you are not giving?

Is the relationship worth overcoming the obstacles to stay together? Before you step out, decide if it’s really worth it! Is what you feel you’re not getting at home really that bad that you jeopardize it for someone else?

Be ready to possibly lose what you’ve already built.