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  January 2014-Issue I

Words of Inspiration

God's delays are not God's denials


The Journal

God’s delays are not God’s denial is said as I close one of my daily morning prayers. Sometimes just when you think all has been said and done, God shows up and shows out!

I went into the interview confident and sure of myself, especially since I had done the job before, I was a shoe-in for the position. I wowed them during the group interview as I tagged team with one of my former coworkers,  who was applying for a position as well. I wowed them by giving a copy of my portfolio to each of the interview panel members. I had done so well that I was called for a second interview. I’m in there, I thought to myself as I left the interview prepared to send out my second Thank You letter. I knew it would be a couple of weeks before I would get the call saying that I had gotten the job.

At least a week or two had passed when my former coworker called me and said that she had gotten one of the positions that were available. I knew then that I would be receiving the same call within the next few minutes. A few minutes passed, a few hours passed, I had not gotten the position. Why, I thought to myself, I was a former employee, I answered the questions well, I wowed them with my portfolio, got a second interview, and sent my thank you letters. There was no need to keep questioning myself; it wasn’t what God wanted for me.

Fast Forward Five Months

My routine pretty much stays the same, every morning and throughout the day I check my emails via my cellular device. 😊Low and behold there was an email from the Administrator who had interviewed me five months ago. I had to do a double take to make sure that I wasn’t looking at the email that I had received from her about the initial interview. She had sent an email asking me if I was still interested in the position. Of course I was, I replied immediately and waited for the next email that would tell me when the interview would be.

The day of the interview, I arrived early. When I was greeted by the Administrator, she informed me that they were running behind and would be with me shortly. This wasn’t good I thought to myself, I was parked at a meter, and I had an appointment immediately following the interview. It was at least 30 minutes before they were ready for me.

I felt that I had done fairly well answering the questions but not nearly as well as I had done during the interview back in November, several times I did not breakdown acronyms,  which is something I always do during an interview. They seemed impressed with my answers, despite what I was thinking. I normally have my portfolio ready for each panel member, but not today I had already interviewed, there was no need. To my surprise, the panel had a new member and I did not have my portfolio to give. I did however have copies of my last performance evaluation to give. I had prepared the questions that I would ask ahead of time, and they all focused on the position being grant funded. As I asked my first question I was told that the position was not grant funded. This was a bitter/sweet moment. Sweet because this meant that the job was a permanent one and that it would not end when the grant ended, bitter because I was now down to about two questions,  I normally am prepared with at least 7-10. I winged it though.

Not hopeful, I felt that this would be the second denial of the job!

Weeks have passed and I still continue to wait on a decision to be made regarding whether on not I will be offered the position. In the meantime, I received an email from a friend telling me about a different position paying $10,000 more than my current pay. May 20th I apply for the position, July 2nd I received an email to interview for the position, July 16th I interviewed.  The delays continue but I can not look at them as God's denials.  In addition to waiting on a decision regarding the first interview, I must now wait to find out if I will be offered a second interview for the second job. 

7/16/18  Interview- The story continues-  I was dressed, arrived early, and had my portfolio in had ready to share with each panel member.  They started the interview with a prayer, I had never experienced that.   I felt confident did that I had done well on the interview despite a few hiccups.  The older black woman on the panel seemed to have it out for me for some reason, but I digress.  Was it her place to tell me who I should have used for a reference?  She asked why I didn't use my current supervisor, but this was only to let me know that she knew him!    No one wanted to share their email address, I had only asked so that I could send an email thanking them for the interview.   Well, it didn't take long before I found out that I didn't move on to the second round of interviews.  I received an email the next day informing me that they had not chosen me for a second interview.  Of course I asked why, and was told because I didn't provide an answer to a question that I felt I hadn't been asked.  I was relieved that I didn't get the second interview, but also knew that this was not what God had for m.

Not getting the second interview, I still felt hopeful about getting hired for the initial job that I had applied for. That came crashing down after a source informed me that they were no longer going to fill the position, for reasons that could not be explained to me.  Back to the drawing board, time to fill out more applications. 

What is God teaching in these moments?  Is He teaching me to be patient, is He teaching me not to give up, is teaching me to not just say God's delays are not God's denials and have faith that this is true, or is it a combination of the three?

I initially didn’t know what I would write for Words of Inspiration for May, but I thought my story of God’s delays not being His denials would be an inspiration to someone. Since the month of May I still continue to wait on God to make the final decision. 

  • God’s delays are not God’s denials
  • Have faith and never give up
  • God works behind the scenes
  • Things happen in God’s time



4/1/19- Journal Entry

The job that I thought was mine in 2018, was not.  I was glad because my inside connections had informed me that the work environment was not a good one, there was no team unity, and they were all anxious to leave.  I continuously say that things happen for a reason, and thank God I did not get the job.

I haven't been pounding the pavement diligently searching for a new job, I have however been applying for jobs that interest me that I receive via email. 

I was called for two interviews with two different agencies, one I did well on but received notice that they hired a more qualified candidate.  The second interview was a total flop.  Half of things that they asked, I had no idea what they were talking about. I'm sure that I sat in my chair looking confused, like a deer caught in headlights.   I bs'd my way through the interview, so needless to say I did not get that job. 

Anyone who works for a government agency, local, city, or state knows that it is a lengthy process.  Back in January of this year (2019), I applied for a job.  The third week of March, I received a call for an interview.  I contemplated whether or not I really wanted to go on the interview.  I fought with myself, do it- don't it.  During the call the hiring manager stated that he would email the details and confirmation of the interview.  Several days had gone pass, and I didn't hear anything.   This would be my reason for backing out, my excuse not to follow through.  I prayed on it, and God led me to call and follow up with the manager.  I did, but still contemplated whether or not I would go.  I made up my mind that I would not prepare for the interview the way I had always prepared, by having a portfolio to share with the panel.  What difference would it make, I wasn't pressed for the job anyway.  I prayed again.

The Friday before the interview, I decided to prepare the portfolio.  I went to the interview the following Monday, portfolios in hand.  The interview went extremely well.  I was called on Wednesday and offered a second interview. 

I have prayed, and wait for the second interview to take place, and from there I wait on a decision.

Please keep me in prayer.

4/28/19- Journal Entry 
The second interview was not like the first.  The panel had gone down from three to two interviewers.  They weren't as bubbly as the first panelist, and my answers to the questions did not roll off my tongue as easily as they did initially.  I left the interview feeling semi-confident and not sure if I would be offered the position.  My final question to the panel was, when will you all be making a decision.  Their answer to me was, in about two weeks.  

The first week after the interview had passed, no call.  Our course no call, they said two weeks.  Again, I was placed in position to WAIT!

Week two had arrived- I got the call!   They offered me the position!  

God’s delays are not God’s denial is said as I close one of my daily morning prayers. Sometimes just when you think all has been said and done, God shows up and shows out!

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