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  January 2014-Issue I



Let Him Work, Watch Him Work

I Move Forward, Looking Back.  I know that sounds strange, especially since people often say that you (you in general) should look to good things in your future and never look back.  I say this because I reflect on my past and think about things that I have been through, experienced, and people who have come into my life, and I realize that God used and uses each of these to prepare me. 

I can recall getting a job at Social Services and for the life of me do not remember being told during the interview, that I would have to speak in front of a group almost every week.  Mr. Davis, already in the position, was who I would be working closely with on a daily basis.  I stood comfortably week after week and watched him give the orientation speech and facilitate the group assessments.  My comfort was interrupted when he informed me that I to would need to give the orientation speech and facilitate the group assessments.  I hated public speaking and wondered how I would survive this part of my job.  Present day, I have facilitated networking events, employment presentations for my job, FaceBook videos, and have even joined a Toaster Masters group. 

Knowing that God has used several ways to prepare me, has helped to understand why I didn’t get a job that I wanted so badly, why different individuals came into my life or left, that the delays were not always denials, why the only on-campus classes I could choose from was one that I had already taken and the Principles of Public Speaking. 

The preparation has also helped me to grow as a woman, an entrepreneur, and a child of God. 

What are you going through right now that you don’t think you can handle, that you feel is too much to bear?  Have you prayed for something and it doesn’t seem like God heard you or that He isn’t going to answer your prayer?  Remember that preparation is needed.  Not only does He need to prepare you but He also needs to prepare other people, places, and things. 

Pray on those things, give it or those things to Him.  Let Him Work, Watch Him Work.  But remember if you’re going to pray about it, don’t worry about it, and if you’re going to worry about it, don’t pray about it.

Are you asking God to give you things and you’re not doing your part, remember:

  1. Inch by Inch is a cinch
  2. You have to give Him something to bless
  3. If you take one step, He’ll take two

Let Him Work, Watch Him Work!!!!! 

April 2018