EveryDay People 365           


  January 2014-Issue I

Written Word


The Census  

This Census

It was created to keep track of us

It’s a printed or electronic version of their eyes below the skyline

It’s a race, gender and geographical abacus

It’s a document that corrals and put fences around us

It’s a simple, but complex questionnaire that puts a value on us

Like skin color, taxes, personal property, real estate, and live stock


It was created to get a sense of us

A sense of our spending

What we feel, our thoughts, and habits

To keep us from the hole where the rabbit is

So it is sensing us

Like our natural abilities to detect and feel what is unseen

Like our abilities to discern the truth from lies

While they continue to disguise and tell us lies

Because the intent of the census

May have flew over our heads

But it didn't miss us

So if you ever receive a questionnaire or Census

Before you fill it out

Take time to read it

Then analyze it

Once you realize the real

Treat it like junk mail and toss it out

Before we totally lose our ability to protect us

From the expanding power of the Census


© 2017 Christopher Allen

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